Novak Đoković speaks on Roger Federer, Ben Shelton, and provocations in Tennis


Novak Đoković recently answered questions from reporters regarding the behavior of young tennis players and the provocations he has faced. In doing so, he had to mention Roger Federer. Just as the journalist was about to ask Novak about his feelings towards potentially facing a young American player who had been provoking him in the next round, the moderator interrupted the question. This kind of interruption is something that has happened throughout his career, but there was one particular player who initially criticized Novak’s attitude. Novak is certain that Federer did not approve of his behavior in the beginning, although he is not sure about others. Novak believes that he was not well-liked by some of the best tennis players because he was not afraid to openly express his desire to be the best in the world.

After this question, the press conference came to a halt. Despite this, when Novak reflected on the provocations he had experienced from Ben Shelton, he emphasized that throughout his career, both then and now, he has always respected his opponents. Regardless of who is on the other side of the court and the situation at hand, respect must be present. Before and after every match, Novak would greet his opponent and show them respect. Respect is something that must be present no matter what happens on the court, although many things can occur in the heat of competition. It has been a long time, about 20 years, since Novak made his professional debut, and it is difficult for him to remember everyone who liked or disliked him.

In the upcoming fourth round, Novak will likely be playing against Adrian Mannarino on Sunday. This 35-year-old is in great form and is currently ranked 19th on the ATP list. He has already played three matches in this tournament, winning all three after five sets.

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