Drejmond Grin intervju o Dejanu Milojeviću


NBA player Draymond Green bid farewell to Dejan Milojević, and in doing so, basketball has lost much more. Milojević was a beloved figure, known for his wide smile, positive energy, and his enjoyment of life on and off the court. The Warriors recognized this, as Green expressed in his words. Green, who is often seen as controversial, revealed a different side of himself when he spoke about Milojević, showing his respect and admiration. He recalled a conversation he had with Klay Thompson, where they both agreed that Milojević never had a bad day and always brought good energy to the Warriors’ practices.

Green shared the insight he gained from Thompson, saying, “Klay told me one of the most interesting things. ‘When you come to practice and wonder, ‘How is Deki today?’ Because we all have our days. I’m sure there were days when Klay walked in and wondered what was up with me. He was always smart, super smart, too smart. Joyful, he brought out the best in us, great energy. He was always on the side, but you could always feel his presence. And then he comes over, shakes hands with you, hugs you, and smiles. ‘What’s up, bro?” It’s something special. We’ve lost such a great and incredible person. A great man,” shared Green, one of the veteran players from Golden State who had the opportunity to work with Milojević.

Green was not the only member of the Golden State Warriors who bid an emotional farewell to the former Serbian player and coach. Nemanja Bjelica, a Serbian power forward who was also one of the most experienced players on the team, expressed his heartfelt goodbye as well.

In a bonus video included, the tribute to Milojević is shown.

Source: Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) [@TheVolumeSports] [pic.twitter.com/6DlurdcKeV] [January 23, 2024]

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