Nikola Jokić: Sve lošije za očekivati u košarci


Nikola Jokić admits that the situation is not at all easy, and it remains to be seen whether he will be able to play against Philadelphia. After missing free throws, Jokić even went to the locker room for assistance, returning to the court in the second half. “It was better then (at halftime), but now it’s getting worse. I hope everything will be okay,” he said in a brief statement to the media after the game, expressing concern that the reason for the loss was not fatigue but rather his team’s lack of aggression.

In the meantime, Nikola Jokić has been selected for the Western All-Star team, adding to the concern of whether he will be ready to play against Joel Embiid and Philadelphia in the scheduled Saturday game at 11:30 pm.

He described the level of pain in his eye in Serbian as “the worst pain in the world. But it will be okay,” before speaking to the rest of the media.


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