Žarko Paspalj: PJ Dozier je vredan 20 miliona dolara kao igrač


Former Partizan basketball player Žarko Paspalj believes that PJ Dozier has the quality for the NBA. The former forward-center of Partizan and the national team stressed that Partizan has a player who would be worth 20 million euros per season in the NBA, if it weren’t for one problem. According to Žarko Paspalj, as he expressed during the ABA League podcast, with better knee condition, Dozier would have a prominent role in the NBA and would be highly paid for it, far more than he currently receives while fighting with Partizan for a place in the Euroleague playoffs. “Dozier has problematic knees but plays basketball worth a million dollars, although he is not paid that much.

Pi Džej Dozier tried to secure an NBA contract at the 2017 draft. This was followed by playing in the Summer League for the Los Angeles Lakers, a short-term contract with the Dallas Mavericks, and finally a chance in Oklahoma, where he made his NBA debut. He played two games for Oklahoma, six games for Boston, 97 for Denver, and finally 16 for Sacramento, with constant appearances in the Development League, before moving to Europe. He arrived at Partizan at the beginning of the season as a replacement for Dante Exum, who moved to the Dallas Mavericks, but also as one of the biggest signings for the new season. (MONDO/D.N.)


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