Dok Novak juri titulu, Nadal i Federer su ponovno zajedno


Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are together once again, this time at Nadal’s academy in the Balearic Islands. They have now found themselves at Nadal’s tennis academy. The complex, located on the Balearic Islands, has long been Nadal’s base and a place where he gathers numerous tennis talents. After withdrawing from the Australian Open, he went straight there. The Spaniard attempted to make a comeback after a year without tennis and competed in the Brisbane tournament, where he passed two rounds but was then eliminated in the quarterfinals by Jordan Thompson. We saw them crying together at Federer’s emotional farewell from tennis, and since the Swiss player retired, they have been spending a lot of time together. Now, they are on the Balearic Islands, an exotic archipelago that belongs to Spain but is actually about 300 kilometers away from the nearest city, Valencia, and halfway between Spain and Africa in the Mediterranean Sea.
As for Novak, he lost a set to Dino Prižmić and Aleksej Popirin in the first two rounds, and his next match in his quest for a new title is scheduled to start on Friday around 9 am. His opponent is the Argentinian, Tomas Echeveri, whom he has already faced and who does not hide that Novak is a great inspiration and idol to him. (MONDO, N.L.)

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