Aleksander Zverev se suočava sa suđenjem zbog optužbi bivše devojke za zlostavljanje


Aleksander Zverev will have to appear in court in May due to allegations made by his former girlfriend. He denies all these accusations, and the case will continue in court, as reported by “Deutsche Welle”. Lisa Jani, the person responsible for public relations at the court, confirmed this in a statement sent to the news portal. “The main hearing will begin in May. We will provide more details when the time comes,” Lisa said. The judge initially stated that there was insufficient evidence for a trial, but Aleksander refused to settle. As a result, he will have to appear in court in May and present his defense.

His lawyers have called the procedure and everything that happened during the first trial “scandalous”, and claim that “valid evidence was not presented.” The trial will take place in May, although the exact date is still awaited. However, it is known that the French Open starts on May 26, so Zverev might potentially miss the grand slam in France due to his scheduled court appearance. (MONDO – N.S.)


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