Novak Đoković ozlijeđen na Junajted kupu


The start of the match could worry all fans of Serbia’s top athlete. Towards the end of the first set, Novak Djokovic complained twice about an injury that had been bothering him yesterday. It is an injury to his right arm, specifically the wrist and forearm. After seven games, Djokovic sought assistance from the tournament doctor, but he was not allowed a medical timeout, only a brief conversation and massage for the painful area. It seems that Novak remained frustrated by the doctor’s behavior, who was supposed to help him. When told that his injury was not new and therefore he could not receive a medical timeout, only assistance between games, Djokovic reacted strongly. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why he lost the first set against the Australian, who played that part of the match quite decently.

In 2019, Djokovic shared that he had been troubled by his right wrist for days, and if the injury has resurfaced, he doesn’t have much time to heal it, as the Australian Open begins on January 14th. “I hope the condition will not worsen. I felt pain during the warm-up before the match, and I sought help before, during, and after the match. It’s not the first time something like this has happened to me, so I know how to handle it. I believe I can recover and be ready for the next match,” said Novak, who gave his place in the doubles to Hamad Mededovic. One of his primary goals is to win his 25th Grand Slam title and his 11th Australian Open title, which would also extend his stay at the top of the ATP rankings, where he will soon mark his 410th week.


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