Deniz Aksoj, novinarka Evrolige, deli svoje fotografije


Deniz Aksoj, a journalist from Turkey, gained a lot of attention after the match between Red Star and Fenerbahçe in the EuroLeague. It was only the second away victory for Red Star this season, but the first one outside of Belgrade. Deniz Aksoj had interviews with coach Janis Sferopoulos, as well as players Rokas Gedraitis and Joel Bolomboy. The Red Star fans also had interesting comments on the matter.

Deniz is a sports enthusiast, and her Instagram profile is filled with photos from various sports events. She often travels to the USA for NBA games, where she is a big fan of Nikola Jokić. She is also a regular guest in European arenas. Deniz follows football as well, and you can see her cheering for different teams across the continent. She mostly watches Turkish league matches, but there are also photos of her supporting Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

With their seventh victory in the EuroLeague, Red Star has caught up with Olimpia Milan and Anadolu Efes, who have played one game less. Fenerbahçe currently has a record of 10-8 and is in a position that Red Star will try to reach. This position leads to the play-in, or the playoff series for the top four teams this season. Red Star will try to take advantage of their favorable schedule in January to get closer to those positions.

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