Janik Siner i Barbara Šet daju intervju nakon pobjede nad Đokovićem


Barbara Šet spoke with Jannik Sinner after his victory against Novak Djoković in the Grand Slam trophy. Before asking any questions, Barbara jokingly told him she had to pinch him because he had achieved an incredible result by defeating a player who had won 24 Grand Slam trophies and 10 titles in Melbourne.
Sinner started by saying, “I served well and returned well.” He mentioned that he served for the match in the third set, and although Novak managed to come back and win the set, he did not win the match. He also emphasized the importance of the first service game in the fourth set and thanked everyone for their support.
Thereafter, Mats Wilander questioned Sinner about whether playing three matches against Novak at the end of last season had helped him at the Melbourne. Sinner expressed that it was a test for him and he had to dig deep. He also mentioned the importance of staying focused and patient during the match.
Jannik’s statements reflected his patient and goal-oriented approach. He emphasized the value of playing against top players and expressed his happiness about reaching the final, commenting that he was looking forward to the opportunity to compete for the trophy.

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