Portland podnosi zahtjev za poništenje utakmice protiv Oklahome


The decision itself is not controversial, but what is controversial is that Portland called a timeout before it happened. During the game, he was ejected for entering the court and vehemently protesting. The referees are usually prepared for such situations. I am in the middle of the court trying to take a timeout, getting frustrated. My guys have worked hard and played for it. To make matters worse, when Bilaps received a technical foul, the score was 109:108 in favor of Portland. Then Shai Gilgeous-Alexander made one of two free throws and tied the game at 109:109. Then Jaylen Williams made the winning shot with two seconds left, settling the match. Referee Bill Kennedy stated after the game that Bilaps did not receive a timeout because the referees were focused on the game and it was difficult for them to see Bilaps. As each NBA team has 48 hours to file a protest with the league and five days to provide evidence, an investigation will now be opened, in which the league itself will have five days to decide on Portland’s request after the seven-day period expires. The last time an NBA game was cancelled was on December 19, 2007, when the referees made a mistake and ejected Shaquille O’Neal from the game with five fouls. Only six games have been replayed in the history of the league so far. (MONDO, N.L.)


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