Razlozi za kašnjenje meča Novaka Đokovića na Australijan openu


Novak Đoković’s facial expression speaks volumes as he steps onto the court. He is visibly angry about the decision made by the organizers. The expression on his face says it all.

There has been a scandal at the Australian Open with the organizers. They made a decision that upset Novak, causing him to wait for two hours and he came out onto the court visibly angry.

It remains to be seen how this seemingly insignificant detail will affect Đoković and his mood. However, the biggest challenge will be the heat in Melbourne, as the umpire immediately informed the players that they have cooling devices on their benches to use during breaks. Hopefully, the temperature will soon decrease and Novak will have to take the court in much better conditions. Hopefully, the frustration of waiting for two hours in the gym will not affect him. It is worth noting that Đoković previously played in the daytime and faced Adrian Mannarino, where he put on a spectacular performance, not losing a single game in the first two sets, and easily defeating his opponent afterwards.

There is another tweet mentioning Novak Đoković as he wanders around, waiting for the end of Coco’s match in RLA. The tweet includes a picture.

Bonus video: (MONDO – M.V.)

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