Novak Đoković preferira druženje s mlađim igračima umjesto s Federerom i Nadalom


Novak Đoković is known for his better relationship with younger colleagues than he had with his biggest rivals in his career. He recently won his ninth Australian Open title, the 18th Grand Slam trophy in his successful career. Back in 2017, Novak Đoković and Daniil Medvedev trained together, which was extremely important for the young Russian player as he had the opportunity to learn from the best in the world. Medvedev often mentions that Novak treated him the same way when he was ranked 400th and when he became number one on the ATP list. Novak’s behavior pleasantly surprised him. Although this story has been told before, Medvedev appreciates the way Novak told it. He knows that Novak is a guy with true values, and he is right when he says that the majority of players have a good relationship with him. Novak’s team and he himself make an effort to have good communication with everyone.

Even though Novak is well aware of his greatest opponents in his tennis career, he speaks with a lot of respect about young players. Over the years, he has made countless gestures from which the successors could learn a lot. Today, Carlos Alcaraz, Daniil Medvedev, Alexander Zverev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Jannik Sinner, and others have an exceptional relationship with Novak, who has solidified his position as the greatest in the history of tennis. Novak clarifies that he doesn’t regret not ending his career with Federer or playing against Nadal. They are his greatest rivals he has ever had, especially Nadal. The energy spent on their rivalry throughout the years and the number of times they have played against each other cannot be replicated. However, when comparing the relationships he had with Federer and Nadal to his current relationship with younger colleagues, Novak finds the latter to be much better and more enjoyable.

In conclusion, Novak Đoković’s positive and respectful relationship with younger players has become a topic of conversation worldwide and is seen as a testament to his values and character.

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