Dejan Milojević suffers a heart attack in America


Dejan Milojević, the legendary basketball player from Partizan, Budućnost, and the Yugoslavia national team, has recently faced a serious health issue. Since 2021, Milojević has been living in America, where he became an assistant coach under Steve Kerr at the Golden State Warriors. Following his move to San Francisco, the former head coach of Mega (whom he led for eight years) and Budućnost began a new chapter in his career, working with the best shooters in the world such as Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Many have credited his contribution as the “X-factor” in the Golden State Warriors’ NBA championship win in 2022. Kerr praises Milojević, saying, “He was a head coach in Serbia for eight years, so he knows exactly what I’m going through. Deki is incredible, and he has been a tremendous addition to our team.”

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