Aleks De Minor ostaje nemi na zlostavljanje devojke, ali kritikuje Novaka Đokovića


Aleks de Minor, who previously criticized Novak Djokovic and eagerly joined in the criticism, now finds himself in a position where he cannot provide a clear answer to a burning question in the tennis world. Two years ago, when asked about Djokovic, De Minor responded with, “You see, I think it’s very interesting. That’s all I’m going to say…” He then took a jab at his colleague, James Duckworth, for giving a politically correct answer. De Minor, known for his loquaciousness, could have spoken about Djokovic’s situation, even mocking him for the deportation issue. However, De Minor has now expressed a desire to stay out of politics and focus solely on playing tennis. Despite his previous eagerness to go against Djokovic, De Minor chose not to comment when asked about the allegations of abuse against Alexander Zverev. The outcome of Zverev’s trial in May will determine his innocence or guilt regarding these accusations.

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