Ben Šelton svrbi se dok čita Novakovu misao o sebi


Ben Shelton responded to Novak Djokovic’s recent interview about the “hang up” incident. Shelton expressed his frustration with constantly being asked about it in the past few months and stated that he had already said what he needed to say and wanted to move on. He emphasized that they were currently at the Australian Open and not the US Open, and he was fully focused on that. Shelton also mentioned that everyone is entitled to their own opinion about his behavior and how he conducts himself, but he didn’t have an answer to Djokovic’s question.

A Twitter user shared a video as proof that Shelton had trash-talked Djokovic during their match. It showed Shelton mocking and laughing at Djokovic’s struggles with his serve, displaying a lack of respect towards the tennis legend. This incident was cited as the reason why Djokovic hung up on Shelton.

The article then reminded readers of Djokovic’s previous comments about Shelton’s arrogant behavior at the Australian Open. Djokovic clarified that he didn’t provoke Shelton but rather reacted to the provocation that came from him. He highlighted Shelton’s poor behavior during and before the match, stating that whenever he loses, he hugs his opponent and congratulates them and their team. However, if someone acts unfairly and unsporting, Djokovic will respond.

The article also mentioned that Shelton was read Djokovic’s comments during the interview and appeared speechless in response.

Following the text, a bonus video unrelated to the topic was mentioned.

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