Željko Obradović doživljava otkaz u Danskoj


In Denmark, there is never a dull moment. This was also the case at the conference after the defeat against Partizan. They played a really good game. However, I have to say that Željko Obradović is an incredible coach and everyone knows that. But he is even better as a person, and I want to thank him for what he said before the match. He is undoubtedly the best coach in the history of basketball, by far.

Before the match in Belgrade, there were rumors that Poceko would be fired, but he didn’t pay much attention to that. Nevertheless, judging by Poceko’s tone, there are some tensions between him and the club. I am in contact with them, we have talked and started discussing what needs to be done. They know what I think, but as a coach, I never complain. I have to do my job, and this is not the place to talk about our strategy. You should ask them, that’s our life. When you work in sport, these things can happen. I will continue to work hard, and today I did my best, even though we lost. Poceko concluded and, at the end of the conference, greeted everyone present once again in Serbian. (MONDO, N.L)

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