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Novak Đoković suffered an injury during the United Cup match and played with no energy and tightness. In the eighth game of the first set, he felt a problem with his right arm and called for a medical timeout, which was not approved. He called the doctor again during the match, but the problems did not disappear, raising concerns about the nature of the injury. Hopefully, it is not anything serious that could jeopardize his participation in the Australian Open.

Following the injury, it is highly likely that Novak will not be able to compete in the mixed doubles. He lost the game without putting up a fight. We can only hope for his quick recovery, although it does not seem likely that Đoković will be able to return to top form. He is static and nervous, but at least he is holding his serve. However, he lost another game without winning a point.

Despite his injuries, Novak is not giving up. He is leading again at 3-2. De Minor is dominating the game with his accurate first serves, and Novak, in his current state, is unable to respond. Yet another game lost without winning a point. Novak will have to significantly improve if he wants to secure a victory.

Unfortunately, hopes for a break were shattered as De Minor easily wins his game. At the start of the second set, Novak Đoković wins his game on serve, raising hopes that the arm problems are behind him. However, he is visibly angry about the inadequate medical intervention during the match. His arm still hurts, and it remains to be seen if he will be able to play to his full potential.

After the treatment, De Minor effortlessly wins the first three points, equalizing the score at 4-4. There was a moment of tension as Đoković managed to defend against a break point and take the lead at 4-3. The game lasted over ten minutes, with numerous equalities and two break points. Fortunately, Đoković successfully defended and breathed a sigh of relief.

De Minor, being a specialist on grass court, struggled on this surface. He was perhaps too aggressive, and his shots ended up out of bounds, giving Novak a chance to break. The game was played point by point, and after a 30-30 tie, Novak served a winner and followed it with another outstanding serve, taking the lead once again.

Novak Đoković and Alex De Minor have previously met only once, exactly one year ago in the fourth round of the Australian Open. Đoković emerged victorious with a score of 6-2, 6-1, 6-2. We hope for a similar outcome this time as well.

The first match scheduled is between Novak Đoković and Alex De Minor at 10 am. However, I would like to make a personal observation about his early career and beginnings, as evidenced by video documentation on YouTube. Whenever he starts losing or the opponent gains momentum in the match, he immediately starts complaining about pain in his arm, back, legs, or any other quick excuse to call for physiotherapy. But as the match progresses and he starts winning points, miraculously, the pain disappears and he continues at full speed towards victory. He should not have played in events like the United Cup; he should focus on himself and the Australian Open. Now, he is injured in the Australian Open, and one can only wonder why he took those unnecessary risks.

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