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Dok Rivers is experiencing four losses out of five games on the Milwaukee bench after a significant lead. In the five games so far on the Bucks bench, he only has one victory, giving him a score of 1-4. To make matters worse, in most of these matches, his team had the lead.

For example, against Utah, Milwaukee squandered a 19-point lead, and against Denver, they were up by 13, and in the last match against Phoenix, they had a lead in the first half followed by a collapse. Not even Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard can help. It was expected that the two of them would be an unstoppable duo, but that has not happened.

At least not yet. There were rumors that the two of them were dissatisfied with Coach Griffin, the playing style, and some other details, allegedly the main reason why a coach with so many wins was fired. Win percentage this season: — StatMuse (@statmuse) .698 — Adrian Griffin .200 — Doc Rivers The Pistons and Wizards are the only teams with a lower win% than Doc.

The Celtics are the only team with a higher win% than Adrian. [] [February 7, 2024] Rivers has played 16 crucial games in his coaching career and suffered 10 losses. Of those 10, seven were when his team had a 3-1 or 3-2 lead in the series.

The Bucks believed that he could be a “firefighter,” although if he does not change something very quickly, he could become the problem himself… The team has already shown that even victories do not guarantee staying on the bench. (MONDO – N.S.)


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