Red Star Belgrade welcomes Voždovac, Gelor Kanga statement


Gelor Kanga is eagerly looking forward to playing again at “Marakana”. The red and white team will try to make up for the gap behind Partizan and win the championship title. Kanga is eagerly anticipating the start of the match and the continuation of the fight for the trophy.

He hopes the stadium will be filled. “I can’t wait for the match at ‘Marakana’ which inspires me, it’s my football home. The fans have a big part in that, I can’t wait to see them.

I want us to win the title and I believe we have the quality to do it. Our first opponent is Voždovac, a young team, but on our stadium, we are the favorites. I’m counting the days until Saturday.

I also know that the entrance is free, so I believe the stands will be full,” said Kanga. He reflected on the preparations and the new coach. “It’s great when we win, it boosts the team’s confidence, but the focus has been on getting physically and tactically prepared.

I want a victory on Saturday and to start our mission to defend the title with a good game. I invite the fans to come because I’ve missed them. The key is to achieve victory with a good game,” Kanga concluded.

(MONDO – N.S.)

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