Novak Djokovic responds to Erling Haaland


“Thank you, brother,” a Serbian wrote after hearing a statement from a Norwegian footballer admiring the success of the Serbian tennis player. “I love Djokovic. I think he is good, true to himself, and it’s incredible what he has achieved, coming from nowhere, from his country. I choose Djokovic,” Erling Haaland said in a statement for the Manchester City podcast.

These words from the European and Premier League champion footballer prove who the “Number 1” is for the young generation of sports stars and who they look up to as their idols. At 37, Novak is still at the highest level, having won three Grand Slam trophies last year and reaching the semi-finals at the Australian Open last January after a great battle against Jannik Sinner, who then went on to win the title in Melbourne. Meanwhile, Haaland unjustly missed out on the FIFA Best Player award, which went to Lionel Messi, despite Haaland playing remarkably well last season and being by far the best center-forward in Europe. He led Manchester City to the English Premier League and the Champions League titles, all the while clearly paying attention to the success and career of the greatest tennis player of all time.

There is already a great mutual respect between them.

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