Novak Djokovic again lost, in France in Marseille, to Czech Tomas Machac


Andy Murray has once again disappointed his fans and played disastrously. After being defeated by the current world No. 66 tennis player, questions will be raised again about whether the former “Number One” should give up and retire.

Murray has not achieved a victory since October, and more than the defeats, those who love him are worried that he has played really poorly and has not won a set against the opponent who, to say the least, is beatable. The final result was 7-5, 6-4 for the Czech tennis player. Recently at the Australian Open, Andy Murray also disappointed and lost to Argentine Tomas Martin Etcheverry in three sets (4-6, 2-6, 2-6), practically playing the match without a chance to threaten the tournament’s 30th seed.

However, ahead of his appearance in France, he said that he still has enough motivation to fight. “Will my successes darken? Do me a favor, please, and be quiet.

I’m in a tough moment right now, and I admit that to you,” Murray responded to a critic. “Many would give up and surrender, but I am not like others, and my mind works differently. I will not give up.

I will continue to fight and will work to play the way I know I can,” the former Olympic champion, Wimbledon and US Open winner, encouraged himself and his fans. However, when he stepped onto the court, he saw that there are still major challenges. In an emotional confession in Melbourne, he admitted that it is still very difficult for him to lose.

“It’s very tough, but everyone’s situation is different. In the early stages of my career, I had back surgery, and the seriousness of that compared to what I’ve had in recent years is completely different. Also, when I came here after becoming a parent, I was in a different situation than someone who, for example, injured their ankle.

However, it is not easy for players who have been absent for nine, 10 months, or a year to come back immediately and feel great on the court. It takes time, and it’s hard when you play at the top level to return and not think about playing at the same level. It’s tough.”

Tennis fans remember well the period from 2016, when he was the most dominant player in the world and practically unbeatable, as well as the following seasons during which he underwent serious surgeries, which apparently irreversibly took away his ability to play at the highest level. Unfortunately, all sports fans, not just tennis fans, lament this. (MONDO – M.Š)

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