Luka Dončić Makes History in the NBA League, Chanted MVP


Luka Dončić played another outstanding game last night and deserved the “MVP” chants on the road. Additionally, Dončić had two steals and a block, with just one turnover – making him the first player to ever have a 35/18/9 stat line with so few mistakes.

So, another historic performance for the Slovenian… Besides him, Kyrie Irving also had a fantastic game with 36 points, while the performance of all others was much weaker – only Hardaway (14) and Green (12) scored in double digits.

On the other side, Mikal Bridges led Brooklyn with 28 points, with solid performances from O’Neal (18) and Thomas (16). As for Serbian basketball players, Boban Marjanović missed Houston’s loss to Indiana (132:129), Nikola Jokić was not present in Miami’s victory over Orlando (121:95), and Vasilije Micić had no scoring impact in Oklahoma’s loss to Utah (124:117).

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