Partizan loses to Split: Danilo Anđušić’s statement


Danilo Anđušić spoke to the journalists after the defeat against Split. He emphasized that they did not intend to underestimate Split, acknowledging that they played a great game and made a lot of shots.

However, he expressed disappointment with the performance of his team, stating that it did not meet their expected level. Anđušić highlighted the upcoming important matches in the EuroLeague and the Cup and emphasized the need to improve their game.

He disagreed with the suggestion that the team appeared to lack energy after a week of EuroLeague matches, emphasizing that fatigue should not serve as an excuse. He stressed that despite the demanding schedule, they have the quality to perform better and should not allow fatigue to affect their performance.

Anđušić pointed out that Partizan had a poor three-point shooting percentage (4/31), only 12.9%, while Split made 8 three-pointers out of 22 attempts. He attributed this to missed open shots, lack of energy, and overall inefficiency in their offensive game.

He concluded that their performance was not up to par, leading to the outcome of the game.

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