Nemanja Bjelica and Nikola Petković clash, Sava Lešić reacts


Sava Lešić has spoken out after accusations made by Nikola Petković regarding the conflict with Nemanja Bjelica. In that statement, he also mentioned Mirjana Bjelica, Nemanja’s wife, with whom he is in the process of divorcing, and who is allegedly in a relationship with Petković. The wife of his best friend and Lešić’s godfather. Maja was the best friend of N.B.

‘s former wife, who is portrayed in the media as a bad example. N.B. ‘s former wife is a wonderful mother and a woman fully dedicated to her children, and everyone knows that. A woman who suffered physical and psychological violence but fought to save her family because of the children until she found her godmother and best friend in her bed.

After these allegations, Lešić also spoke out. I can’t believe it. Now, for the first time, I’m hearing something like this. I don’t know where Petković gets the idea and the need to mention me and my family.

These are ludicrous and baseless claims. Stories that Nemanja and I are not on good terms. “Heaven forbid! I can’t believe what I’ve heard and read.

I’ll have to talk to Petković and have him explain to me why he feels the need to mention my family and such falsehoods. I don’t know what else to say when none of it is true,” Lešić concluded.

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