Ergin Ataman upset after Panathinaikos loss


Ergin Ataman was furious with the journalists after Panathinaikos’ defeat. This victory was Aris’s first in Athens against the “greens” since 1997. The Turkish coach lost his temper after everything that had happened. Ataman was angry at the press conference.

He was bothered that the match started on Monday at 5:15 p.m. “We are coming out of a double Euroleague week and playing at five in the evening. How do you manage to do that? How are the players supposed to focus on the game? You invest 25-30 million euros in basketball and then play at five in the afternoon on a working day.”

“We play double Euroleague matches the whole season, so what does that mean now? We play two matches weekly throughout the whole year.” (MONDO – N.S.) BONUS VIDEO:

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