Declaración de Nikola Petković sobre Nemanja Bjelica y el ataque


Nikola Petković has spoken out about the attack on Nemanja Bjelica. Following the events that occurred on Monday at a gaming center, the former Red Star footballer has come forward to explain his version of the events. According to his claims, the Serbian basketball player is to blame for everything, not him.

Here is what is stated in his statement: “N.B. has been constantly insulting and attacking me on a daily basis for the last 3-4 months and I have never mentioned him anywhere or at any time. My approach to him was solely a question of why he insults and mentions me daily when he has nothing to do with me.

The source is accurate and of course you know who. As well as the statement from N.B. ‘s lawyer that he will destroy me.

Thank you very much, Nikola Petković,” Petković concluded.

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