ABA League did not reject a club from Dubai


After the publication of Greek media reports that a club from Dubai was denied entry into the regional competition, MONDO checked this information with the ABA League. However, for now, the clubs have not yet voted on the admission of the team from Asia to the “Adriatic”, so there is no definitive decision on their acceptance or rejection. The league confirmed to MONDO that a meeting on such an important issue has not yet taken place, nor have the clubs spoken out on the matter, so it is impossible for Dubai’s new team to be rejected at this time, February 5.

According to information published in recent weeks and months, the new team is expected to participate in the ABA League, and a meeting of Euroleague club-owners is expected, at which the same club could be admitted to the premier European competition. It has also been announced that Dubai will bring a new main sponsor, the airline “Fly Emirates,” to the Euroleague, as the current contract with the title sponsor “Turkish Airlines” expires in 2025. At the same time, well-informed Spanish media have stated that Dubai will not have an unlimited budget and will not be able to surpass all existing clubs in Europe.

It is worth mentioning that the collaboration between Dubai and the ABA League has already been established through the participation of the team in the junior ABA League. (MONDO – M.Š) BONUS VIDEO:

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