Zoran Savić on Partizan’s signings


The sports director of Partizan has pessimistic predictions about the European basketball player market. He stated that they will not be bringing in any new players as they already have 15 on the team and had been lucky the previous year to avoid serious injuries during the most important part of the season. He also discussed the challenges of forming a team and how the situation will become even tougher if the NBA expands by two more teams. According to him, the introduction of two more NBA teams will result in each club receiving $250 million to build their team, which will create problems in Europe.

He explained the difficulties he faces in finding players, especially as the players in the positions of point guard, power forward, and center are too expensive. He expressed his disdain for scouting players from the G League and the challenges associated with it, stating his preference for observing players from their last two seasons. He described the physical differences between players who have played in the G League for two years at the start of their professional career and those who have previously played four years in the NCAA. Zoran Savić, with a wealth of experience in basketball, became the sports director of Partizan in March 2021 and later welcomed the return of Željko Obradović to the club.

Obradović and Savić formed a team that reached the EuroLeague playoffs and won the ABA League title after nine years. Savić previously served as the general manager of Fortitudo, worked with Barcelona, and operated as a sports agent at the helm of the “Inviktus” agency.

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