Novak Djokovic becomes the oldest World No. 1 of all time, breaking Roger Federer’s record


Before Novak Djokovic, there is another historic achievement. In April, Nole, at 36 years and 321 days old, would become the oldest ATP leader, breaking the record currently held by a Swiss player who was 36 years and 320 days old when he was at the top. However, it’s not entirely certain, even though Djokovic is currently in the lead.

The good thing is that Djokovic did not compete in the American spring tour last season, nor did he compete in Indian Wells and Miami, so he doesn’t have points to defend, unlike his challengers. As of February 4th, Djokovic has to defend 180 points in the next two months, while his challengers have larger numbers to defend. Karlos Alcaraz has to defend 1,910 points, Danil Medvedev 2,850, and Jannik Sinner 1,510.

Considering that there are 3,500 points in play, the calculation is that Alcaraz would have to win 2,335 more points than Djokovic by April 1st to take the top spot, Sinner 2,800, Medvedev 3,765. Based on all this, the reality is that Djokovic will most likely break this record at the first opportunity. On Monday, March 25th, Novak could start his 418th week at the top, which would be a full eight years at the top.

The following week, Federer will surely find it difficult to see the rankings, so it’s certain that on April 1st, he won’t be opening the ATP site. This week it was officially confirmed that Nole is registered to compete in Indian Wells from the 4th. After his first career defeat in the semifinals of the Australian Open and the lost title in Melbourne, Djokovic is certainly filled with motivations for the rest of the season.

And breaking another one of Federer’s records is certainly an additional incentive for the greatest of all time.

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