Liverpool Lost to Arsenal, Virgil Van Dijk’s Mistakes


Liverpool’s captain had a shocking performance in one of the season’s games. The London giant outplayed the guests and triumphed with goals from Bukayo Saka in the 14th minute, Gabriel Martinelli in the 67th, and Leandro Trossard in the 92nd minute. Meanwhile, Liverpool’s only goal was scored by Luis Diaz, “squeezing” the ball into the net to silence “Emirates” before halftime (48′), and that was all from the visitors.

The derby was definitely marked by a major mistake by Liverpool’s footballers in the 67th minute, before the game-breaking 2-1 lead for the home team when Virgil Van Dijk “blocked” the ball in front of Martinelli and miscommunicated with goalkeeper Alisson. The Brazilian goalkeeper ran out of the penalty area, and Martinelli picked up the ball and scored easily, putting the home team in the lead 2-1. Many also noticed Van Dijk’s slow reaction during the third goal, when he hesitated to aggressively approach the Arsenal forward, instead guarding the space and approaching Trossard too late as he sent the ball into the net for the final 3-1 score.

After this victory, Arsenal closed in on the leading Liverpool with just a two-point gap, and Jurgen Klopp was left in shock at the moment of his defense’s major blunder, as seen in the picture. After the match, Arteta celebrated a big and sweet victory, just in Klopp’s style. Many noticed that moment.

Arteta is a prick.

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