Final of the 2026 World Cup at the New York Stadium


The host of the 2026 FIFA World Cup has been determined. It will be a World Cup like the world has never seen before.

The same venue hosted the NFL finale, Super Bowl, in 2014 and the Copa America “Centenario” final in 2016. The 2026 World Cup will be the first to feature 48 teams competing, and the final is already scheduled for July 19.

A total of 104 matches will be played over 39 days, the most in the history of the World Cup. The first match will take place at the “Azteca” stadium, where the opening matches were also played during the 1970 and 1986 World Cups.

The Canadian national team will play in Toronto (the first match) and in Vancouver (the next two), while the U.S. team will compete in Los Angeles at the “SoFi” stadium and in Seattle. The World Cup final will be held in the U.S. – the semifinals in Dallas and Atlanta, the quarterfinals in Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, and Boston, the round of 16 in Vancouver, Seattle, Mexico City, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and New York/New Jersey.

The most matches of the World Cup will be played in Dallas. The “MetLife” stadium was built from 2007 to 2010 and opened in 2010.

The most attended soccer match there was in July last year, 2023, when Manchester United and Arsenal played in front of 82,262 spectators. The construction cost 2.1 billion dollars in today’s money!

No New York football club plays there because New York City plays at Yankee Stadium, and New York Red Bulls play at the “Red Bull Arena,” where the most famous women’s club from the “Big Apple” also plays.

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