Del Piero defends coach attacked by Dušan Vlahović in a football incident


Dusan Vlahovic is once again the target of criticism from his coach Allegri, while Del Piero comes to his defense. This means that Juventus will find it difficult to challenge Inter, with coach Max Allegri stating in a calm tone after the match in which his team had few chances that Inter are the favorites for the Scudetto and not much should be expected from the club from Turin.

According to Allegri, “In the first half, it was equal, they scored a goal, we missed because of Vlahovic,” and he also said that Gattuso’s own goal was a turning point. This stance of Allegri, which did not put Vlahovic in situations to threaten the opponent’s goal through his team’s play, has angered the club legend Alessandro Del Piero, who criticized Juventus’ performance after the match.

According to “Pinturicchio”, we watched the whole game as attackers Vlahovic and Yildiz were isolated. “I feel sorry for them, look at Yildiz – the whole game he spreads his arms as if saying that Vlahovic and he are alone in attack.

Juventus has a problem, they don’t play fast enough, and Allegri decides only to be compact at all costs,” is the famous striker’s impression. Vlahovic has recently been playing fantastically, but after the defeat to Inter, he remained at 12 goals in 23 appearances.

Interestingly, Vlahovic has never scored a goal in Milan, whether against Inter or Milan. BONUS VIDEO: (MONDO – M.V.)

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