Criticism of Nemanja Radonjić in Torino


The Serbian footballer has parted ways with Torino and was not given a proper farewell to his new club. “There were those who did not show the right enthusiasm to stay in Turin and who showed a lack of professionalism. I am sorry to say this, but that was the situation. It was correct only to keep those who wanted to come to our training center every morning and who want to progress every day,” said the Italian for “Sky Sports Italy”.

If he satisfies the club from the Spanish island, he could stay permanently from the summer, and Mallorca would have to pay three million euros for that. Judging by the words from Turin, it is certain that Radonjic has definitely finished with “the Bulls”, among whom he has been since July 2022. He came from Olympique Marseille on loan, and then he stayed with a paid compensation of 1.7 million euros. In the Torino jersey, Radonjic played 41 matches and scored seven goals, with four assists.

And looking at the numbers, his episode in Italy was more successful than that in Olympique Marseille (63 matches, eight goals), where he went from Red Star in the summer of 2018. However, all parties have now assessed that the time has come for the end, and the club still considered that this parting should not remain quiet.

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