Boriša Simanić continues his basketball career


Serbian basketball player ready to resume training after a difficult period during the World Championship. “We do analyses every 15 days. As for the court, I hope to be ready by summer.”

The Serbian basketball player also reflected on the national team’s performance at the World Championship in Manila, where he was a great motivation for his teammates. “I’m glad I was able to help them in some way. They were very worried, didn’t sleep for two nights, and it affected their game.

Several Serbian basketball players highlighted how much Broišina’s support meant to them during the World Championship in the Philippines. After a duel in the paint, he remained crouched under Serbia’s basket, and almost no one seemed to realize that the situation was so serious. Upon his initiative, Boriša Simanić was urgently hospitalized, blood donors were urgently sought, and in the end, everything went well, and the power forward returned with his teammates to Belgrade.

Boriša was also the star of the evening at that time, in the presence of the greatest tennis player of all time, N.”


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