Vladan Milojević on Red Star’s preparations in Cyprus


The coach of Red Star Belgrade, Vladan Milojević, spoke about the team’s preparations in Cyprus and the business conducted during the summer transfer window. He emphasized that the most important achievement was not only the five victories but also the restoration of confidence in some of the young players. Milojević mentioned that when he first arrived, the players lacked confidence and felt pressured by the expectations at a big club like Red Star.

He highlighted the need for a good relationship and trust between the coach and players, along with hard work, to restore their confidence. Milojević refrained from naming specific players who impressed him during the preparations but stated that there are “many talented and young players” who have been given an opportunity and have seized it. He also stressed the significance of training with the senior team, where the players’ character and respect are evident.

The coach expressed his optimism about the future of the team, attributing the successful fulfillment of the set goals to the emphasis on tactics and reaching an impressive level of physical readiness. He also mentioned the focus on reducing the number of players during the transfer window, considering the demanding schedule due to the Champions League in the previous season. Milojević highlighted the importance of support from the fans and emphasized the values of the club, urging the players to give their best and train well.

He concluded by stating his commitment to remaining grounded and giving their all on the field. Vladan Milojević’s complete interview can be found on the official website of Red Star Belgrade.

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