Partizan has responded to the information about Džanan Musa joining the team. They have explained that the news is not true because the club has not contacted Musa or his agent, let alone made an offer. Read the complete statement from the black and white team.

KK Partizan Mozzart Bet, as the current champion of the AdmiralBet ABA League and the club that dignifies Serbian and regional basketball in the EuroLeague in the 2023/24 season, issues this public statement to draw attention to certain things that may intentionally or unintentionally be harmful to the club. We are witnessing the emergence of news in the public domain during the pivotal part of the season, claiming that one of the best players of Real Madrid, Džanan Musa, has an offer from KK Partizan Mozzart Bet. With enormous respect for Musa and his unquestionable playing quality, this news is not true because no one from the club has contacted him or his agent, let alone made any offer.

This news itself would not deserve such attention if it were not a case repeated dozens of times in which extravagant offers for certain players, mostly during the competitive year, are attributed to Partizan in the public. The club expresses doubt that these things happen by accident and urges the media to freely verify such sensational news with the leaders of the black and white team before publishing. Furthermore, KK Partizan Mozzart Bet wants to remind everyone that the official positions of the club regarding financial and general operations are communicated through the official website of KK Partizan or through public appearances by the president Ostoja Mijailović or the director Dule Karavesović.

All other comments should be considered and treated as personal impressions or opinions. In conclusion or at the beginning, KK Partizan Mozzart Bet stands to protect its players and coaches who have recently been the subject of biased comments, headlines, and articles, as well as attacks via social media. The club is well aware of the passion of the fans, but it appeals to all professionals to make an additional effort to maintain an objective view of sports events.

Once again, we remind that the greatest damage from such events is to our basketball, and the created atmosphere spills over onto the court, which we have witnessed for years. KK Partizan Mozzart Bet appeals to everyone to preserve this beautiful sport and promote it together in the best possible way with mutual respect for all participants on and off the court. Partizan’s team has a very important match tonight in the battle for a place among the top eight teams in the EuroLeague.

Let’s maintain concentration and wish the black and white team good luck in tonight’s duel with Virtus! It’s worth noting that the information about the Real Madrid star coming to Partizan was “launched” by a fan portal from Spain. BONUS VIDEO:
(MONDO – M.V.)

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