Joan Laporta names 16 clubs who will play in the Super League of the rich


Joan Laporta knows which 16 clubs will play in the Super League of the rich. This project was active in April 2022. However, only a small number of clubs want to go against FIFA and UEFA, so far only Barcelona and Real Madrid have been vocal, while Juventus, which was a founder of the original project, has remained silent and has not spoken out.

“Each club would receive 100 million euros, and that money cannot be earned even by winning the UEFA Champions League,” Laporta said, adding which 16 clubs are “secure” in the competition: “Who would play? Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter, Milan, Napoli, Roma, Marseille, Benfica, Sporting, Porto, Anderlecht, Club Brugge, and three more clubs from the Netherlands. The Super League would have 16 or 18 clubs.

Let’s remember that the UEFA European Champions’ Cup in 1955 had very few participating clubs.” None of the listed clubs has confirmed the statements of the Barcelona president, who is simultaneously in a “war” with the English, who have long since announced that they will not participate. “I don’t care about them, they already have their own Super League.

Our competition would compete with the Premier League. I don’t think the English will enter immediately, but we want them to join us. We have had many conversations with Liverpool, Chelsea, United, and City,” said Laporta, revealing that PSG will not play because UEFA “has their back.”

(MONDO – M.V.)

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