Botev accuses Red Star of brawl in a friendly match


The Bulgarian club believes that Red Star is responsible for Barboza’s provocations and the interruption of the match. Red Star was leading 2-1 thanks to goals by Sherif Endiaje, but Barboza’s foul disrupted the game.

The Red Star coach ordered his players to leave the field, fearing further conflicts. The Bulgarian club’s coach expressed dissatisfaction with the match’s outcome and condemned the tensions, emphasizing that their good performance may have unsettled the opponent.

El club búlgaro considera que el Estrella Roja es responsable de las provocaciones de Barboza y la interrupción del partido. El entrenador del club búlgaro expresó su insatisfacción con el resultado del partido y condenó las tensiones, enfatizando que su buen rendimiento puede haber inquietado al oponente.

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