Basketball players in Euroleague dissatisfied with refereeing


There is serious dissatisfaction among basketball players with the quality of refereeing in the EuroLeague. “Please!”

wrote the Nigerian. While Baldwin is definitely waiting for punishment for getting in the referee’s face, the EuroLeague must also be concerned about the increasing number of dissatisfied participants with the refereeing and will definitely have to do something about it.

Nana’s “targets” were Javor, Vilijus, and Konstantinovs, while in the case of Baldwin and Moneke, they were Mogulkoc, Jovčić, and Kovalski. Are you satisfied with the quality of refereeing in the EuroLeague?

I’m not satisfied, the refereeing is awful. 68% (221)
It’s not bad, but they favor certain teams.

25.85% (84)
Overall, it’s good, but of course, there are mistakes. 6.15% (20)
(MONDO – M.V.)

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