Nemanja Nedović’s Statement on Zvezda Alba


The last-placed team in the table had already won by the time the red and white team played to soften their loss. In the closing minutes, they even had a shot to close the gap, but Smart’s three-pointer didn’t go in. Based on everything Red Star showed in Berlin and everything they didn’t show, they didn’t deserve that ball to go through the hoop. After the game, Nemanja Nedović gave an interview for “Sport Klub” and spoke self-critically.

He returned to the team on his own initiative, still not fully recovered, and in just under 13 minutes, he scored seven points with minimal impact on the game and major defensive problems. “This is the most painful loss of the season alongside Asvel. I don’t know what to say anymore after such games where we simply don’t show all our quality. We always wake up late. We don’t have the instinct to just crush these kinds of teams. We need to enter the game with a mentality to crush them. Instead, we enter some kind of equal result, then let them take off and then we chase them the whole game. I don’t know what to say anymore,” Nedović said.

While Red Star lose following the same “pattern” – a poor start, then “pulling out” in the second half of the game – the last trains to the EuroLeague Top 8 have already left. Nedović was asked about the impact of the losses to Asvel, Baskonia, and Alba on the ranking. “It will definitely impact us. We had really good opportunities to take a step towards the play-in – against Asvel, Baskonia, and even tonight. We are literally two wins away from the tenth position and we didn’t take advantage of any of those opportunities,” the Red Star guard said.

The red and white team will play their next match on Sunday against Partizan in the ABA League.

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