Zvonimir Boban se sukobio s Čeferinom i napustio UEFA


Zvonimir Boban has resigned from his position in the European Football Federation following a dispute with Čeferin. The legendary Croatian national team player was leading the advisory organization “Football Board,” which included numerous coaches and former footballers and aimed to provide an independent voice on football and its overall development.

During the last meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee in Hamburg, Boban discussed the problem with the UEFA President, which earned Čeferin the respect and esteem of the entire football community and the public, establishing him as an unquestionable moral authority and a guide for a better and more transparent football. Boban expressed deep understanding that nothing is perfect, least of all himself, and acknowledged the need for compromise. However, he could not accept the difficult and wrong decision and turn a blind eye, as it would go against his deeply-held principles and values.

Boban emphasized that he was not trying to act as a hero and recognized that many share his opinion, which may seem naive but is surely correct. Despite the excellence in his three-year relationship and collaboration with Aleksandar and all of his colleagues at UEFA, Boban expressed his sadness and regret as he announced his departure from the organization.

He concluded by thanking them and wishing them all the best. The former Dinamo and Milan player’s decision to leave UEFA is a significant one for the football world.

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