Luka Dončić isprovocirao navijača i sukobio se s novinarom


Luka Dončić has gained attention for an incident during a game in which he asked security to eject a fan who had been verbally abusive towards him throughout the match. This act was originally reported by some media outlets in the US as a reaction to minor taunts. Dončić appeared in a “Goodfellas” T-shirt during warm-ups, like the rest of the Golden State team, before scoring 34 points (11/24), along with eight rebounds and nine assists. However, it was evident that he was agitated as the fan continuously berated him with remarks such as being tired and getting beaten. This prompted Dončić to request the fan’s removal from the arena.
Due to his agitated behavior, Dončić was also issued a technical foul for arguing with the referee. In a press conference, he confronted a journalist who had written about the incident, expressing his dissatisfaction with the coverage and claiming that the fan had made multiple offensive remarks rather than just minor taunts. The journalist defended himself, stating that he had heard the fan’s comments from two rows behind. The conversation ended with both parties acknowledging their disagreement about the incident. Dončić also stated his discontent with the media’s treatment of him. Kyrie Irving also showed interest in the situation, observing the fan who eventually left after being talked to by arena staff.

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